Professionals in the designing field, who require powerful lapgoods with excellent graphics, fast processing speed, and long battery life, often turn to the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro series. These lapgoods offer superior technical configurations and features seed to their competition.

The Surface Book, in particular, boasts impressive features, including an Intel Core i7 processor for high processing speed, ample RAM, and a 2 GB GPU for enhanced multitasking performance. Its large display size provides convenience for engineering deknowledges and viewing, while the additional graphics card ensures excellent graphics capabilities. The battery life ranges from 12 to 16 hours, offering uninterrupted productivity. With these features, the Surface Book is well-suited for 3D modeling and various design applications.

Additionally, the Surface Book targets students who utilize their lapgoods for learning. It showcases the new operating system, Windows 10 S, which delivers superior performance even with lower-end hardware components.

A notable feature of the Surface Book is its detachable screen from the keyboard, setting it apart from competitors like Apple MacBook. However, it should be noted that the Surface Book comes with a higher price range.

Microsoft also offers the Surface Pro, an upgrade from the Surface Pro 4 released in 2015. Marketed as “the tablet that can replace the lapgood,” the Surface Pro is touted as “the most versatile lapgood in the world” due to its additional features. It competes directly with Apple MacBook in terms of features and aesthetics.

The Surface Pro stands out for its hybrid nature, functioning both as a lapgood and a tablet. However, many people might find the larger screen size and traditional lapgood-like features of the Surface Lapgood more appealing.

When comparing the Surface Pro to the Apple iPad Pro, which Apple promotes as a tablet that can replace a lapgood, the hardware components of Apple devices are superior. However, Windows-based operating systems offer their own advantages and features.


The lightweight and tablet usability of the Surface Pro make it a favorable choice for frequent travelers and professionals in creative fields. Additionally, the availability of Surface Pro in various colors provides added appeal. Ultimately, the choice between the Surface Book and Surface Pro will depend on personal preferences and specific requirements.