You can now get luxury leftover SUVs for nearly nothing. Car shoppers who know where and when to score transaction are bound to reap the benefits – rewarding them with upwards of 50% off the sticker price for a brand new SUV, crossover, and more. We’ve carried out detailed research, you can find good transactions for you.

Why Prices Are Being Slashed


There are a few reasons prices are plummeting. First, dealerships are currently stuck with too much inventory thanks to a perfect storm of market demand shifts and SUV/Crossover manufacturers overproducing units to be sold.

In recent years, more so than ever before, dealerships have experienced reduced demand for cars and sedans. Meanwhile, the demand for SUVs, crossovers, and trucks has increased.

According to TheDrive, the number of SUV and crossover offerings in the US will increase by almost 53% by 2023. This is due to the increased demand for SUVs by younger consumers. It is this exact demand that has caused a few things to happen: (1) dealerships have overestimated the want and have ordered way too many SUVs and (2) dealerships are continuing to order more new SUV models each year in anticipation.

This means a couple of things: There are excessive amounts of SUVs sitting on car lots as we speak. Dealerships need to make space for incoming cars.

What does this mean? You probably guessed it. Dealerships are lowering prices at record pace in order to sell more. 2018 and 2019 models are seeing discounts because car salesmen need to get rid of them now!

The Key To Scoring Great Deals On SUVs and Crossovers

It’s true that SUV and crossover dealerships have significantly cut prices on their overstocked inventory, you’ll still want to hunt a bit to find the best deals out there. Lucky for you, the best online researches are just a click away.

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