If you frequently receive “storage full” alerts on your iPhone and need extra space without having to pay for it, deleting duplicate photos can be a helpful solution. Duplicate photos can accumulate on your device for various reasons, such as tapping the capture button multiple times, using burst mode or HDR mode, syncing photos between devices, or restoring them from backups. These duplicates occupy valuable storage space and can clutter your device, limiting the capacity for new content.

To cheap up space by removing duplicate photos, you can follow these steps:

Manually check your photo collection for duplicate photos. Go through your photos and identify any duplicates.

Tap on each duplicate picture and select the trash icon to delete them. This manual method allows you to selectively remove duplicates.

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps specifically designed to find and remove duplicate photos. These apps automate the process by scanning your photo library and identifying duplicate images. They can better use of you time and effort seed to manual deletion.

After removing duplicate files, remember to empty the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app. This step ensures that the space occupied by the deleted duplicates is fully cheapd up.

By removing duplicate photos, you can reget significant storage space on your iPhone without the need to delete files individually. It’s a convenient technique to optimize your device’s storage capacity and make room for new content.