United States Pre-Homes: Finding Cheap Pre-Homes For The Elderly

Finding affordable pre-homes is key for seniors to manage budgets and live independently. This article examines the costs, locations, and policies of these facilities across the U.S.

Average Prices of Pre-Homes for Seniors by Category

Independent Living Communities

Average Price: $1,500 – $3,500 per month Independent living communities cater to seniors who are active and require minimal assistance. These facilities often include amenities like group meals, fitness centers, and social activities.

Assisted Living Facilities

Average Price: $3,000 – $4,500 per month Assisted living provides more comprehensive support, including meal services, personal care, and medication management, suitable for seniors needing regular assistance.

Memory Care Units

Average Price: $4,000 – $6,000 per month Specialized for seniors with memory issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, these units offer structured environments with staff trained in memory care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

Average Price: $2,500 – $5,000 per month, plus a significant entry fee CCRCs provide a continuum of care from independent living to nursing home care, ensuring seniors can remain in one community as their needs change.

Nursing Homes

Average Price: $6,000 – $8,000 per month For seniors requiring 24-hour medical attention and daily care, nursing homes offer the most intensive support.

Most Affordable Pre-Homes for Seniors

Sunshine Retirement Living, Florida

Price: $1,200 per month This facility offers modest accommodations with essential services, ideal for seniors looking for a budget-friendly option in a warm climate.

Green Acres Retirement, Texas

Price: $1,300 per month Located in the heart of Texas, this retirement community provides affordable living with access to local healthcare facilities and social programs geared towards seniors.

Peaceful Pines, Pennsylvania

Price: $1,400 per month Nestled in the serene landscapes of Pennsylvania, Peaceful Pines offers a quiet setting with basic amenities for seniors preferring a tranquil lifestyle.

Silver Years Village, Nevada

Price: $1,500 per month This community in Nevada provides affordable living options with recreational and wellness programs specifically designed for active seniors.

Heritage Senior Homes, Georgia

Price: $1,600 per month Heritage offers a community-oriented environment with various senior-friendly activities and essential healthcare services nearby.

How to Find Affordable Pre-Homes for Seniors

Online Senior Living Directories

Typical Price Range: $1,200 – $3,500 per month Use online platforms that specialize in senior living options to filter and compare prices, services, and locations. Websites like SeniorHomes.com and A Place for Mom allow users to input specific budget requirements.

Government and Non-Profit Programs

Price Range: Often reduced to $0 – $2,000 per month depending on eligibility Explore government or non-profit programs that offer financial assistance or subsidized housing for seniors. HUD’s Section 202 housing is an example where rent is income-based and considerably lower than market rates.

Local Senior Centers

Price Range: $1,000 – $3,000 per month Local senior centers often have comprehensive listings of affordable housing options and may offer community-specific advice on the most cost-effective facilities.

Social Services Agencies

Price Range: $1,000 – $3,000 per month Social service agencies can provide guidance on applying for subsidized senior housing and other available community resources that can help reduce the cost of senior living.

Word of Mouth

Price Range: $1,200 – $3,000 per month Leveraging personal networks can uncover personal recommendations for less-publicized, affordable pre-home options. Friends, family, or community members often know of local deals or openings not widely advertised.

By using these methods, seniors and their families can navigate the various pricing structures and find pre-homes that not only fit their care needs but also their financial circumstances.

Nearby Affordable Pre-Homes for Seniors Across the United States

1. Ocean Breeze Living, San Diego, California

Price: $1,500 per month Located in sunny San Diego, Ocean Breeze offers a comfortable coastal environment with basic amenities and health services tailored for seniors seeking an affordable lifestyle in a picturesque setting.

2. Mountain View Retirement, Denver, Colorado

Price: $1,400 per month This Denver-based facility provides stunning mountain views and easy access to local parks and recreational activities, ideal for seniors who enjoy the outdoors and a peaceful community.

3. Lakeside Haven, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Price: $1,600 per month Situated by the lake, this home offers tranquil living with fishing and boating opportunities nearby, making it perfect for seniors who appreciate water activities and a quiet environment.

4. Golden Years Village, Orlando, Florida

Price: $1,200 per month Golden Years Village in Orlando provides affordable living in a vibrant area, with numerous senior-friendly activities and essential healthcare services within easy reach.

5. Liberty Senior Residences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Price: $1,300 per month Located in the historic city of Philadelphia, this residence offers cultural enrichment programs and community engagement activities, suitable for seniors interested in arts and history.

6. Sunflower Senior Homes, Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $1,400 per month Phoenix’s warm climate is ideal for seniors at Sunflower Senior Homes, offering affordable housing with ample outdoor spaces for relaxation and socialization.

7. Peaceful Pines Senior Community, Portland, Oregon

Price: $1,700 per month This community in Portland is known for its eco-friendly approach and close proximity to nature trails, appealing to seniors who value sustainability and green living.

8. Tranquil Living Center, Charleston, South Carolina

Price: $1,350 per month Charleston’s historical charm is the backdrop for this affordable senior home, which offers a calm and dignified setting with southern hospitality.

9. Prairie Home Assisted Living, Wichita, Kansas

Price: $1,500 per month In the heart of the Midwest, Prairie Home provides a friendly, community-focused environment with various health and wellness programs designed for senior living.

10. Seaside Retreat, Galveston, Texas

Price: $1,250 per month Located on the Gulf Coast, Seaside Retreat offers a relaxed beach lifestyle with cost-effective living solutions, making it an attractive option for seniors who enjoy the seaside.

These locations provide a variety of settings and climates, all offering affordable options for seniors looking for comfortable, community-oriented places to retire.

Special Policies for Affordable Senior Pre-Homes

1. Income-Based Rent Adjustments

Price Range: $0 – $1,500 per month depending on income Many senior living facilities offer sliding scale fees based on a resident’s income. This policy ensures that housing remains affordable regardless of financial status. Facilities calculate rent as a percentage of an individual’s income, typically not exceeding 30%, which includes utilities and basic services.

2. Veterans Benefits

Price Range: Varies, often significantly reduced or covered Veterans may be eligible for special housing grants and programs that reduce or completely cover the cost of living in pre-homes. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers programs such as the Aid and Attendance benefit, which can help cover the costs of care in certain types of facilities, depending on the veteran’s service history and current needs.

3. Long-Term Care Insurance Offsets

Price Range: Reductions can vary, potentially covering up to full cost For seniors who have invested in long-term care insurance, many policies include provisions that can offset the costs of living in a senior pre-home. These benefits are applied to monthly fees, reducing out-of-pocket expenses and extending the affordability of care and services provided by the facility.

These policies are designed to make senior living more accessible and affordable for those who may have financial limitations but still need quality care and accommodation in their later years.


Affordable pre-homes for seniors provide various options to accommodate the diverse needs and financial situations of elderly individuals. By utilizing resources and understanding the different types of available facilities, seniors and their families can find appropriate and budget-friendly housing solutions that ensure comfort and care in the golden years.