The Subaru Crosstrek is a popular choice among compact SUVs, known for its rugged durability, standard all-wheel drive, and excellent safety features. If you’re in the market for a new Subaru Crosstrek but want to ensure you get it at a competitive price, several strategies can help you achieve this without depending on traditional discounts. This guide explores practical steps to secure a new Crosstrek cheaper, utilizing industry insights and smart purchasing tactics.

Understanding the Subaru Crosstrek’s Pricing

The base price for a new Subaru Crosstrek typically starts around $23,000. Prices increase with higher trims and additional features, with top-tier models reaching upwards of $30,000. Given these numbers, determining the best approach to buying a Crosstrek requires a blend of timing, research, and understanding market dynamics.

Step 1: Research the Ideal Configuration

Begin by identifying which Subaru Crosstrek model and features meet your needs. Consider engine options, interior amenities, and technology packages. Once you know what you want, research the specifications and MSRP for these configurations. Knowledge of the specific version you want will streamline the buying process.

Step 2: Monitor Inventory Levels

Inventory levels can significantly impact pricing. When dealerships have an abundance of a particular model, they are more likely to facilitate the sales process on favorable terms for buyers. Monitoring local and regional inventory through dealership websites can provide insight into the best times to initiate a purchase.

Step 3: Time Your Purchase

Timing can influence pricing indirectly. Purchasing during times when new model introductions are imminent may prompt dealerships to move current-year models more proactively. Additionally, buying during the off-season for car sales—typically in winter months—might also favor the buyer in terms of attention and willingness to accommodate.

Step 4: Utilize Technology and Online Resources

Leverage technology to your advantage. Many websites and apps allow you to compare configurations and MSRP across dealerships within a certain radius. Tools like TrueCar,, and Edmunds offer a platform to understand regional pricing trends without the need to negotiate directly initially.

Step 5: Opt for Last Year’s Model

When a new model year is introduced, last year’s models may still be available. These vehicles are brand new but can be had for less because they are technically dated. This is a strategic option for buyers willing to forgo the latest updates for a lower price on a new vehicle.

Step 6: Pre-ordering

Consider pre-ordering your Subaru Crosstrek. This option allows you to customize your vehicle directly according to your specifications and ensures you are not paying for unwanted features. While this method doesn’t necessarily reduce the cost, it ensures value for every dollar spent.

Step 7: Understand Financing Options

Get a clear picture of your financing options. Check with multiple credit unions, banks, and online lenders to find the best rates before discussing financing at the dealership. A solid pre-approved financing option can make the purchasing process smoother and less costly in terms of interest rates and fees.

Step 8: Expand Your Search

Don’t limit your search to local dealerships. Sometimes, driving to a dealership a few hours away can result in better pricing due to different regional market dynamics or inventory levels. Considering a broader search area can open up more favorable opportunities.

Step 9: Evaluate Additional Costs

Consider the total cost of ownership, including insurance, maintenance, and fuel economy. Sometimes a higher upfront cost can be offset by lower ongoing expenses, making a slightly more expensive vehicle a better value in the long run.


Purchasing a new Subaru Crosstrek at a competitive price involves more than just looking for the best deal. It requires strategic planning, extensive research, and an understanding of the market and personal needs. By following these steps, you can ensure that you pay a fair price for your new Crosstrek, suited perfectly to your specifications and budget.