The Dodge Ram, now branded as the Ram, is a popular full-size pickup truck known for its robust performance and capability. Despite its popularity, there are times when dealerships have unsold inventory, including previous model years or overstocked vehicles. These unsold units can often be purchased at a discount. Understanding how to find and negotiate for these trucks cheap. This article provides a detailed approach to securing an unsold Dodge Ram at a competitive price.

Understanding Unsold Inventory Dynamics

Unsold vehicles, typically those from previous model years or vehicles that have sat on the lot for an extended period, present a cost issue for dealerships. Storage costs, tied-up capital, and the impending arrival of new models motivate dealers to offer these vehicles at reduced prices. For buyers, this situation creates a prime opportunity to negotiate a better price.

Strategies for Acquiring an Affordable Unsold Dodge Ram

  1. Identify Unsold Inventory: The first step is to locate unsold Dodge Rams. You can start by visiting dealership websites to check their inventory. Look for trucks that are listed as previous model years or those that have been in stock for a long time.
  2. Research Market Prices: Before approaching a dealership, research the market price for the model and year of the Dodge Ram you’re interested in. Tools like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or NADA Guides can provide this information, helping you understand the fair market value.
  3. Visit at the Right Time: Timing can significantly impact your ability to get a good price. Shopping for vehicles at the end of the month, quarter, or year can be beneficial as dealerships are trying to meet sales targets and are more likely to reduce prices on unsold inventory.
  4. Check for Manufacturer Incentives: Manufacturers often provide incentives on older or slow-moving models to help dealers clear unsold inventory. Visit the Ram official site or inquire at dealerships about any potential manufacturer rebates or incentives.
  5. Negotiate Based on Invoice Price: Knowing the invoice price of the vehicle, which is what the dealer paid the manufacturer, can give you a strong starting point for negotiation. Aim to negotiate as close to this price as possible, as dealers will still want to make a profit on the sale.
  6. Arrange Your Own Financing: Securing financing independently from a bank or credit union often provides more competitive interest rates than dealership financing. Having pre-approved financing also gives you an advantage in negotiations, showing that you are a serious buyer.
  7. Consider Trade-ins: If you have a vehicle to trade in, know its value beforehand. Use this as leverage in your negotiation to further reduce the price of the unsold Dodge Ram.
  8. Be Prepared to Walk Away: If a deal doesn’t meet your expectations or budget, be prepared to walk away. This can either lead to the dealer making a better offer, or you may find a better deal elsewhere.
  9. Inspect and Test Drive the Vehicle: Even though it’s unsold inventory, thoroughly inspect and test drive the Dodge Ram to ensure it meets your needs and doesn’t have any underlying issues from being displayed or test-driven by others.
  10. Use an Experienced Car Buying Service: If negotiating isn’t your strength, consider using a car buying service. These services can often negotiate on your behalf and might obtain better terms due to their industry connections and volume buying power.


Buying an unsold Dodge Ram can lead to substantial savings if you approach the purchase with the right strategies. By understanding the dynamics of unsold inventory, researching appropriately, and negotiating effectively, you can secure a high-quality vehicle at a reduced price.